Show for people learning Dutch

Irony and stand-up comedy is very popular in Flanders but not everywhere in the world. Humour in common Dutch. Songs, sketches, stand-up comedy, visual humour, theatre of the absurd,… you can become acquainted with what makes people laugh in Flanders.

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CD - de ReisRus

Songs for children learning Dutch

People learning Dutch find it easier to practice the language during their free time. That applies to children too, and the songs by the ReisRus are a great help in this case. Lennaert Maes and Andrei Bonski have brought out a CD of songs for children learning Dutch. The recording comes with a booklet featuring language games in Dutch designed for primary school children. The CD is great to listen to at home, in the car or in the classroom.

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Dutch learners awarded a certificate

Over 100 students and teachers of Dutch engaged in various activities on Saturday, 20 June in order to practise the language, after which the students were awarded their certificates.