de Bonski’s gaan voor GOUD!

A show for people learning Dutch

Lennaert Maes & de Bonski’s produce entertainments for people learning Dutch. There is a great deal of interaction with the audience. Here is your chance to sing along, clap your hands and dance. All spiced up with lashings of humour.

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Living in...

10 questions about the language use in the Vlaamse Rand

Belgium does appear to be a complicated country at first sight, considering it has four language areas, three communities and three regions. People from outside who come to live here sometimes have problems figuring out how Belgium is organised.

At, the VRT journalist replies to the 10 most frequently asked questions about language usage.‘

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Children’s workshops Dutch

If children learn Dutch it is important to practice in their free time. There are plenty of opportunities for this not only during the school holidays but also during the school year.

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Dutch courses – information & enrollment

Would you like to learn Dutch? Ask for more information or sign up for a course at the information days the Huis van het Nederlands Vlaams-Brabant (agentschap Integratie en Inburgering) will organise in our centres.

Comic book plus mini-CD

As a supplement to the show De Bonski’s gaan voor GOUD! a comic book is published, which is intended for people learning Dutch.