Language immersion


For anyone learning a language it is important to be able to practise it as well. Children whose mother tongue is not Dutch can use it during the school holidays in the different ‘de Rand’ community centres, where entertaining and instructive Dutch learning opportunities are provided. The varied programme of activities allows the children to immerse themselves in the Dutch language for a whole week.

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The London Quartet

Concert tour

The London Quartet was launched 40 years ago! Performing throughout the world, the musicians primarily focus on early polyphonic music, jazz and contemporary music. A successful combination of virtuoso singing at the highest level and typical British humour.

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Show for people learning Dutch

Irony and stand-up comedy is very popular in Flanders but not everywhere in the world. Humour in common Dutch. Songs, sketches, stand-up comedy, visual humour, theatre of the absurd,… you can become acquainted with what makes people laugh in Flanders.

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Dutch learners awarded a certificate

Over 100 students and teachers of Dutch engaged in various activities on Saturda ...