Volkin’Ro is celebrating its 12th outing. This completely free family festival is attended every year by both local inhabitants and people from outside the municipality. Everybody is welcome to come along and taste a nice cool beer or special ale, a delicious hamburger or the traditional sausages. Enjoy the great musical atmosphere under a blazing sun and in good company. Note down 9 August in your diary!

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Gordelfestival 2014

The Gordelfestival will last all summer long

From June to October, you can get to know the best sites and activities in the ‘Groene Gordel’. Come and taste, cycle, enjoy cultural events, hike and stay. Soon you will find more info on www.gordelfestival.be.


Book covering day

Come along to have your books covered for free.
Each child is issued with five sheets of paper to cover about 12 books or notebooks. If you prefer an original cover, head for the illustrator to brighten your dullest book or notebook and make sure it is unique!

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Dutch language immersion

Circus Babbelkous

The school holidays are the ideal moment for children to participate in relaxing and enjoyable activities, and so that is the period when Panta Rhei and vzw ´de Rand´ organize creative and instructive language apprenticeships for all children from 4 to 12 years of age for whom Dutch is not their native language.

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Gelukkig zijn

A show that is ideal for people wishing to practice their Dutch

Gelukkig zijn is the latest theatre production by Fast Forward. Twelve people from all around the world, all representing another culture or speaking another language, form a choir. They sing well-known songs. The combination of life stories and songs helps to create a warm and colourful performance that is ideal for people wishing to practice their Dutch or all lovers of music and great-sounding stories.

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Learning Dutch – ask for information and registration

The Huis van het Nederlands Vlaams-Brabant (Flemish-Brabant Dutch Language Centre) is holding a series of one-day sessions to provide information about Dutch language lessons. This gives you the opportunity to seek further information and register for a course.

CD release - De Bonski’s kennen hun wereld

New outstanding CD for people learning Dutch: for and by people learning Dutch!