Dutch - booklets

pictogram booklets

Our four pictogram booklets contain a theme-specific series of images. Next to each image or pictogram is the right word in Dutch. These booklets are not designed to teach you Dutch (they do not offer any advice about pronunciation, for example) but they are an entertaining supplement to your Dutch lessons and can be useful for jogging your memory.

Part 1
café, restaurant, fruits, vegetables, baker's shop, butcher's shop, local stores, newsagent, bank, chemist shop, optician, clothes …

Part 2  
living, cleaning, waste, the body, dentist, hospital, police, council office, library…

Part 3
sports, recreation, culture, tourism and pets

Part 4
school, crèche and work

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Football dictionary

You have to speak a common language when you engage in team sports, as effective cooperation between team members is dependent on being able to communicate with each other. That is the case with football. The football dictionary teaches children whose mother tongue is not Dutch to understand the trainer's instructions. The book can also be used by parents. If your son or daughter plays in a Dutch-language football club and has problems understanding the language, this football dictionary may be just the thing they need to help them communicate better with the other team members.


Sports dictionary

Are you looking for Dutch-speaking sports clubs for your children?, Don’t you speak a lot of Dutch? Don’t you know where to find the right information or how to join a sports club? The sports dictionary will help you.

The booklet features words and photographs to help you look for a sports club and to become a member … The customisable booklet provides space to make your own notes and specify the items your child need. Sports activities are healthy pursuits, while sports clubs are ideal places for practising Dutch. If the sports dictionary appeals to you, why not send an e-mail to We will be only be too pleased to send you a copy.