Romeo en Julia

'Romeo & Julia', the most beautiful love story of all time, is a heart-pounding experience for many people! The play is rewritten to be performed in simple Dutch. Anyone who can understand Dutch, if only a little, is bound to enjoy this timeless drama.

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Play & practise Dutch with children

Learning Dutch is not something you do only at school. You can also learn the language at home and practice while enjoying entertaining games. If you have children, why not play a game with them.

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Café Combinne

Practice your Dutch and meet people from your area.

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agenda - proef

Theater Oz - Het circus van Ooit

In the 3 ladies' circus there are no lions, trampolines or safety nets. Their circus has been created out of next to nothing. Risk-free acrobatics, magic tricks and animal acts... without animals. Everything is done enthusiastically, with heart and soul and with lashings of humour!
de moelie
17 Feb
03.00 PM

dirk Blanchart - Soloconcert

dirk Blanchart is a well-known performer. He is now releasing a compilation album. During this concert, performed in an intimate setting, you will be treated to some of his most powerful songs, such as 'L'amour ça va' and 'No regrets'.
de kam
22 Feb
08.00 PM

Speelman - Pluche (3+)

Is it possible that the stuffed animals are really alive? ‘Pluche' is a show about consolation, being happy, being together, feeling safe, but especially about the imagination.
de lijsterbes
23 Feb
03.00 PM

Sportstage - Sport en oefen Nederlands

School holidays are the ideal time for children to enjoy pleasant activities. For children whose mothertongue is not Dutch, learning and practising Dutch during the holidays is absolutely beneficial.
de kam
04 Mar
09.00 AM

Kookworkshops - Archeduc

This year the Zandloper and Achiduc offer you three seasonal cooking workshops. In autumn we will be working with fruits, in winter and in spring we’ll make healthy salads!
de zandloper
12 Mar
07.30 PM