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practising Dutch in your leisure time


Have fun practising Dutch in your leisure time! We have lots of activities for you to choose from, such as cooking or making things, participating in sports activities or just having a chat. Or would you like to learn something new?

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Calendar with monthly activities to practise your Dutch (in Dutch):

Vlaamse Rand - noord

Vlaamse Rand - zuid-oost

Vlaamse Rand - zuid-west

Copyright pictures: David Legrève

Guy Swinnen - The Essential

Guy Swinnen is going on tour with his Guy Swinnen Band. As well as his own compositions, he also performs covers.
de kam
19 Nov
08.00 PM

Compagnie Gorilla - Geluk(t) (3+)

They discover happiness under blocks. Only through laughter can they achieve happiness. ‘Geluk(t)’ is a performance about getting to know new things. Learning to appreciate what you have not yet encountered. And not understanding each other? That can be fun!
de bosuil
21 Nov
11.00 AM

Sioen - Sioen plays Graceland (akoestisch)

In 1986 Paul Simon recorded the album 'Graceland' in South Africa. Singer-musician Sioen performs 'Graceland' together with musicians from Soweto.
de zandloper
24 Nov
08.00 PM

Sinterklaasfeest - De spiekpietjes Minimusical (3+)

In this musical, you will learn everything you need to know to become a Spiekpietje. After the musical, Santa may well decide to present each child with a Spiekpietje certificate.
de bosuil
04 Dec
02.00 PM