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Zing mee met de Bonki's

Lennaert & de Bonski’s have created a new show for people learning Dutch! They sing uncomplicated, well-known songs in Dutch. Everyone can sing along. The lyrics are projected. The performance features some surprising translations, while the Bonski's also sing some of their own compositions.

It will be a fabulous show – in the true Bonski tradition – and pure entertainment in Dutch.

There are free exercises with 5 songs that teachers can use in the classroom with their students. An ideal preparation for the show!

Artists: Lennaert Maes (zang en gitaar), Andrei Bonski (mandoline, viool, accordeon en toetsen), Kriss CC Bonski (contrabas, percussie, toetsen en tuba)

GC de Bosuil, Tuesday 19/12/2017, 20.30

GC de Lijsterbes, Wednesday 28/02/2018, 20.30

GC de Zandloper, Tuesday 27/03/2018, 20.00


Show for people learning Dutch

Humour in common Dutch. Songs, sketches, stand-up comedy, visual humour, theatre of the absurd,… you can become acquainted with what makes people laugh in Flanders. Flemish people get to know what types of humour are appreciated in other parts of the world.

Humour with the singer and cabaret artist Lennaert Maes (De Bonski’s), the actor and director Peter Schoenaerts, the Flemish-Moroccan stand-up comedian Latif Aït and the stand-up comedian and Dutch as a second language teacher Els Vertongen. They use simple Dutch to perform songs, sketches, stand-up comedy, visual humour, theatre of the absurd,… … Non-native speakers from other cultural origins become acquainted with what people in Flanders think is funny, while Flemish people get to know what makes the rest of the world laugh.

Irony and stand-up comedy is very popular in Flanders but not everywhere in the world. How do you define humour? What is funny? And why does something makes some people laugh and not others? There is nothing so serious as humour.

Lennaert & de Bonski's gaan voor GOUD!

Show for people learning Dutch
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Once again Lennaert & de Bonski’s have created a show for people learning Dutch. Songs such as ‘Ja, ja, nee Nederlands’ and ‘De wereld heeft veel kleuren’ are regarded as their evergreen numbers. Lennaert & de Bonski’s are returning with a new show. In Lennaert & de Bonski's gaan voor GOUD! (going for gold), they pull out all the stops and are more enthusiastic than ever. There is a great deal of interaction with the audience. Here is your chance to sing along, clap your hands and dance. All spiced up with lashings of humour.

A comic featuring the Bonski’s and with language exercises has been produced to coincide with the show.
An educational annex is available for teachers. (release octobre 2015)

Lennaert Maes (vocals and guitar) - Andrei Bonski (mandolin, violin, accordion and keyboards) - Kriss CC Bonski (double bass, percussion, keyboards and tuba)

Comic book plus mini-CD

Teaching materials

As a supplement to the show De Bonski’s gaan voor GOUD! a comic book is published, which is intended for people learning Dutch. Designed by Reinhart Croon, the book follows the adventures of two Russian brothers. The book includes language exercises and games and in the album is also a mini-CD with three new songs.

If you wish to order some teaching materials?
Cost: comic book + mini-CD = €5 /unit + delivery charges.
Please send an e-mail to or

VRT Bigband - Toots Thielemans Tribute

In 2016 we said farewell to a great jazz musician. A musician who was a simple Brussels-born kid from the Marolles. Toots Thielemans always loved jazz. He played the accordion and guitar but his main instrument was the harmonica. You can hear him playing it in the world famous ‘Bluesette’.
de zandloper
26 Apr
08.00 PM

What about your dutch ? Do you speak it well, or just understand a little ? It doesn’t matter. Neither does your age ! Anyone who understands (a little) Dutch will definitely enjoy it.

Gelukkig zijn


What is happiness? And what do you have to do to be happy? A group of people of different ages will take you on a journey in search of happiness. Everyone in their own way. To the accompaniment of well-known songs in Dutch.
The actors all speak a different mother tongue and have a different cultural background. Come and enjoy the show! Our mixture of life stories and songs is bound to fill you with a nice warm feeling.

Text and direction: Peter Aerts Schoenaerts
Choirmaster: Andy Dhondt
Arrangements and music: Chris Carlier and Andries Boone
Choreography: Arend Vandevelde

Co-Production: Theatergroep Fast-Forward & vzw 'de Rand'

Partners: Nederlandse Taalunie, ILT-Leuven