Dutch - Dictionary for newcomers

Dictionary for the municipal service desk

Vzw ‘de Rand’ is publishing a bilingual dictionary for non-native speaking newcomers, called Jouw vragen ondertiteld ('Your questions with subtitles'). Non-native speakers coming to live in the Rand sometimes run into problems because they have little or no knowledge of Dutch.

The booklet provides ‘subtitles’ to help people when they pay their first visit to the municipal administration, while offering an incentive to learn Dutch. It features questions and sentences to help non-native speakers ask for basic information at the service desk. The vocabulary is translated into French, German and English. The booklet can also be a help for service desk staff in their dealings with non-native speaking newcomers.

The themes covered by the booklet are:

  • identity card
  • driving licence
  • registration in the municipality/change of address
  • birth
  • marriage / legal cohabitation
  • certificates
  • travel scheme/passport
  • refuse collection
  • parking card

This booklet is obviously no replacement for a Dutch language course. People keen on learning the language should get in touch with the Huis van het Nederlands Vlaams-Brabant.

Vzw ‘de Rand’ offers the booklet free of charge to municipalities in the Rand and also distributes it via the Huis van het Nederlands' language policy schemes and the regional offices of the Provincial Integration Centre.

Layout by Effects. Contents by 'de Rand', the Huis van het Nederlands Vlaams-Brabant and staff from the Dilbeek, Halle and Vilvoorde municipal administrations.

Download the booklet.

The booklet can also be ordered from outside Flemish Brabant.

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