Information about and learning and speaking Dutch.

  • Dutch lessons for adults: there are several places in the Flemish Rand offering Dutch lessons. You can also learn Dutch in some of ‘de Rand’ centres.
  • Practice Dutch in your spare time: ‘de Rand’ has developed lots of language-related initiatives and a wide range of materials to help you to practice and improve your Dutch.
  • Language courses and workshops for children: children aged 4 to 12 making things and playing while learning and speaking Dutch, during the school holidays or days off during the school year.

Dutch lessons

A few adult education centres (CVO) provide Dutch lessons in ‘de Rand’ community centres.


Conversation groups

If you can speak Dutch quite well but would like some more practice, why not enrol with a ‘de Rand’ conversation group?


language IMMERSION for children

The school holidays are the ideal moment for children to participate in relaxing and enjoyable activities, and so that is the period when ´de Rand´ organizes creative and instructive language apprenticeships for all children from 4 to 12 years of age for whom Dutch is not their native language.

 Babbeltuur taalatelier

Learning dutch through play

If children learn Dutch it is important to practice in their free time. There are plenty of opportunities for this not only during the school holidays but also during the school year. Children can play games, make things, sing, listen to stories,…and learn new words while having fun.



Pictogram booklets

Our four pictogram booklets contain a theme-specific series of images. Next to each image or pictogram is the right word in Dutch.



Dictionary for newcomers

Vzw ‘de Rand’ is publishing a bilingual dictionary for non-native speaking newcomers, called Jouw vragen ondertiteld ("Your questions with subtitles").


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