Philippe Raskin & Friends - Hommage aan Magda Calleeuw
de lijsterbes

Philippe Raskin and Magda Calleeuw

Philippe Raskin, a talented pianist from Kraainem, is a familiar face at the Lijsterbes community centre. He travels a lot, but he relishes playing this home game year after year.

Philippe will be performing with some of his musician friends. As for who they are, you will just have to wait and see! It is bound to be a charming and special musical evening.


'Philippe Raskin & Friends : Homage to Magda Calleeuw'

  • Young talent: 'carte blanche' aan Cristiana Roman Dragos (Roemenië)

L. van Beethoven : piano trio opus 11 ' Gassenhauer'

Allegro con brio


Tema con variazioni

Lavard Skou-Larsen, viool

Gundula Leitner, cello

Philippe Raskin, piano

  • musical surprise

Cristiana Roman Dragos, piano

Philippe Raskin, piano

  • Pauze

D. Shostakovich: piano quintet opus 57

Prelude, lento

Fugue, adagio

Scherzo, allegretto

Intermezzo, lento

Finale, allegretto

Lavard Skou-Larsen, viool

Jackie Xiao, viool

Yixun Liu, altviool

Gundula Leitner, cello

Philippe Raskin, piano


  • postponed





GC de Lijsterbes - Grote Zaal
Lijsterbessenbomenlaan 6
1950 Kraainem


  • kassa: 18 euro
  • vvk: 16 euro
  • Nachtvluchtabonnement: 14 euro
  • student (-26 j.): 10 euro