Paul Rans Ensemble - Kerstconcert 'Wat zang, wat klang'
de zandloper

Ten years ago, Ossel church played host to a memorable concert performed by Paul Rans. We are delighted to have him back.

Paul Rans is a singer and lute player. He is particularly well known as a member of the folk group Rum. The concert 'Wat zang, wat klang' shows him playing many other folk instruments (dulcimer, gamba, viol, hurdy-gurdy...). He is performing with his musical friends Philippe Malfeyt, Piet Stryckers and Paul Van Loey.

A Christmas programme offering beautiful music and Christmas tide stories. Many popular Dutch carols date from the Middle Ages, the late Renaissance or the early Baroque. You may be unfamiliar with the songs, but you are bound to appreciate their charm and character.







  • kassa: 14 euro
  • Abo 3 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • Abo 6 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • Abo 10 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • voorverkoop: 14 euro