Boesdaland (10+) - Discover the world of Minecraft of the Boesdaalhoeve community centre
de boesdaalhoeve

Using blocks to create your own fantasy

Minecraft is a world where everything is made up of blocks. With these blocks you can build all kinds of things like houses, castles, roller coasters, boats, nature or animals: the only limit is your own imagination.

Just4FUN completely rebuilt the Boesdaalhoeve at Boesdaland, the community centre's official Minecraft server. There is also a whole treasure island to explore.

Because the Boesdaalhoeve is closed to the public and major events cannot yet take place, we are bringing this new Minecraft project to your home!

Curious to see the outcome? Check it out at and create your personal account.

Not yet completely on board with Minecraft? Take a look at the step-by-step plan here. 

Youth Day with Just4FUN

In November 2019 we joined forces with Just4FUN to hold our first ever Youth Day. This was an opportunity to get a taste of virtual reality, workshops on technology and mentalism, and gaming was also part of the programme. A group of 200 enthusiastic youngsters took part. We will be organising another Youth Day this year as well. More information will be available soon at our website, but please note Sunday 25 April 2021 down in your diary!

For further details, please contact the reception staff during our opening hours.