Ellen Smets Theater - Vreemde vogel (2+)
de bosuil

Teun and Tijn set off on an adventure, together with Broemmm. Broemmm is their car. They do not know where they are going. Strange plants, strange animals, strange sounds and odours... Where are they now? Are they in the jungle or in fantasy land?

What are all those noises? And what is that strange bird? Is it ill? Is it looking for something? What does it want? A strange bird is following Teun, Tijn and Broemmm. Oops! The wacky bird lays an egg on Broemmm's hood. We are on a journey. Teun and Tijn want to keep going. But what are they supposed to do with the strange bird and the egg? 

Playing time: 45 minutes


  • cancelled




GC de Bosuil
Witherendreef 1
3090 Overijse


  • Kassa: 12 euro