Sinterklaasshow - De Sint wordt oud
de lijsterbes

Santa Claus does not want to show up for his own party. The old man is more than fed up with this annual celebration. Sitting on a throne every year in the supermarket, always hearing the same songs blasting out and the children always expecting bigger and bigger presents... Santa Claus can think of nothing else but his retirement. But it is so heart-breaking to see all those sweet little faces, so he decides to make one more exception for this show, simply because it is not set to be such a big event as all the other ones! However, he will only take part if he is allowed to dance, sing ... In short, do all the things he could do before he was known as St. Nicholas in some parts of the world and before that when he was plain old Nicholas

In the countdown to the performance, the children will be able to make things and play together. After the show, they can hand in their drawings or creations to Santa, when everyone goes up to see him. Santa will also have a gift for every child.


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GC de Lijsterbes - Grote Zaal
Lijsterbessenbomenlaan 6
1950 Kraainem


  • kassa: 10 euro
  • vvk: 8 euro
  • Nachtvluchtabonnement: 6 euro
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Je begrijpt al een beetje Nederlands maar je spreekt het nog niet zo goed.Je begrijpt vrij veel Nederlands en kan ook iets vertellen.Je begrijpt veel Nederlands en spreekt het goed.