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Guy Swinnen will be turning 60 in 2020. A milestone for us to celebrate! Not only personally, but also musically.

Guy Swinnen occupies not one page but a whole section of the chronicle of Belgian pop music.  Swinnen is the singer with The Scabs, a band that has been going for more than 40 years. But he also sings with his own band, the Guy Swinnen Band, and has regularly worked with other artists.

Guy Swinnen is going on tour with his Guy Swinnen Band. As well as his own compositions, he also performs covers.

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Guy Swinnen: Hard times

Guy Swinnen mag overmorgen 60 kaarsjes uitblazen! En ook al komt er geen dik feestje van, deze avond kon hij zich helemaal laten gaan in #Vandaag. Als je hem...


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