Diederikes Toko - Hamertje tik (2,5+)
de kam

Do you know the game 'Hammer-tik'? You use a small hammer to knock round shapes through holes. Or you hammer nails into cork. You need some physical strength while learning how things fit together.

The show 'Hamertje tik' introduces children to different houses. They build a wall themselves. Or they type a letter with 10 fingers on a typewriter. They put the letter in an envelope and post it. You measure time with hourglasses. If you cannot find a key, try finding it with a magnet.

Hamertje tik' is an installation. You play with materials and learn how things are put together. An inspiring experience for both children and parents!






GC de Kam - Grote Zaal
Beekstraat 172
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem


  • kassa: 10 euro
  • vvk: 8 euro
  • UiTPAS via balie
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