Ateljee Kadee - sheep in self-hardening clay (Easter)
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Using your hands to be creative is back in style! Ateljee Kadee offers a creative opportunity for 8-to-12-year-old children who are good with their hands and would like to learn some new skills.
These monthly workshops are based on different kinds of techniques and on a fixed theme, that varies from month to month. Everyone is welcome, whether you have a lot of experience or are just discovering and developing your creative talents.

It sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Children in their 2nd to 6th year of primary school.
Your child may participate only if he/she is not taking part in any other organised hobby during the same week.


Saturday 24 April from 10am to 12am
Theme: s
heep in self-hardening clay (Easter)

Other monthly workshops
Saturday 29 May from 10am to 12am
Theme: p
ainting technique

Saturday 26 June from 10am to 12am
welt felted flowers

€5 per workshop, including insurance.
Registration is required for each workshop.
Do not wait too long, as owing to the current corona measures, only 10 children can take part in each workshop.

Information and tickets
Registration: to register, please fill in the online registration form. You will then receive an e-mail with the payment instructions. As soon as the payment has been received, your child's registration will be confirmed as finalised.





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