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A new project by Lennaert Maes and Andries Boone, 'WIJ' will be the outcome of a collaborative effort with musicians from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe in a bid to revitalise various folk songs. 

An impressive musical project with Dutch as the common thread, 'Wij' is based on folk songs from Belgium and elsewhere in the world, with Dutch translations and new creations being included. All the lyrics will be displayed during the performance and three songs will also be recorded. The three tunes will be backed up with an educational component designed for use in Dutch lessons. Apart from the music, the performance also includes the personal stories of our foreign colleagues. 

The project will be launched in the Flemish Rand (Flemish area around Brussels) in the autumn of 2021 with a few writing sessions during the Week of the Dutch-language. The production will be presented in the various 'de Rand' community centres in the spring of 2022. You will be able to see it at the Zandloper community centre on 29 March. 

writing session

Join coach Lennaert Maes who will help you during a writing session to try out your creative skills in Dutch. This fun-filled session will be an opportunity to use words and phrases as poetic building blocks. Your Dutch need not be perfect, as even with just a few words, you will soon be able to achieve much more than you might think. 

Are you a real music lover? Do you enjoy exploring different cultural styles of music? Have you ever thought about writing poetry or lyrics in Dutch? Then why not sign up for a 'WIJ' " writing session. 

A joint initiative between the non-profit-making 'de Rand' association and the WESP non-profit organisation. 

This session is a part of the programme of the ‘Week van het Nederlands’. Discover all ‘de Rand’ has to offer during this week.


Saturday 9 October 2021.
The writing session starts at 1 pm and ends at 4 pm. 

The session is ideal for people who love music. You are welcome to take part even if you have only just started learning Dutch. Even with just a few words, you will soon be able to achieve much more than you might think. 

Free of charge, but registration required. 

How do you register?

  1. Fill in the form with your details.
  2. GC de Zandloper will process the form. 
  3. You will receive an e-mail with further details. 
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