Lennaert Maes - Wij
de boesdaalhoeve

It was 10 years ago that Lennaert Maes and Andries Boone started creating shows for people learning Dutch.

 ‘Wij’ (We) is a performance where they work together with three top musicians from three different countries: Hussein Rassim from Iraq, Asia Obstarczyk from Poland and Jérémie Hakeshimana from Burundi. Professional musicians in their homelands, they are now sharing their musical influences on stage.

Songs from our part of the world are given an exotic twist, while songs from their countries are presented in Dutch. This is how we make music together. In Dutch, but with music from all over the world.

All the lyrics are displayed on a screen during the performance, while some of the songs are accompanied by language exercises that can be used in the classroom.

‘Wij’ is a compelling musical story, not only for Flemish people and non-Dutch speaking people who have been studying Dutch, but it is also relevant for the Flemish theatre goers. ‘Wij’ brings us all together.

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‘Wij’ is produced by Muziekhuis Wesp, and co-created together with the non-profit-making 'de Rand' association and the Taalunie.


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GC de Boesdaalhoeve - Grote Schuur
Toekomstlaan 32 B
1640 St-Genesius-Rode


  • Basistarief: 12 euro