Culture - Family

Paaseierenzoektocht - I.s.m. Gezinsbond

We meet at 9.45 am at the Bosuil Community Centre entrance to set off together to hunt for the Easter eggs hidden by the Easter bunny.
de bosuil
11 Apr
09.45 AM

Hendrick-Jan de Stuntman ontmoet Merel Kam - Springtime (2,5+)

A man and woman hanging from springs. They jump, and jump, and jump... into each other's arms. They are happy, and will be happy for a long time to come. It's like a silent movie, but a very good one! You don't know why, but you're going to love this!
de bosuil
26 Apr
12.30 PM

Compagnie Hoetchatcha - Het grote minicircus

sold out
The circus master drives a big cart around the rink. He opens the cart to suddenly reveal an entire circus inside! The audience are asked to help the performers.
de muse
13 May
02.00 PM

De Tamboerijnen - Mes Amis (3+)

Friends laughing together, singing together, being scared together, and singing again to forget the scary experience. Together of course. Without words, but ultra-musical and full of the joy of dancing, these friends will bring the sun into your springtime.
twee taaliconen
drie taaliconen
vier taaliconen
de bosuil
17 May
11.00 AM

Mousse - Un Oeuf is Un Oeuf

In the wonderful world of Mousse, two very different people meet each other: the highly disciplined street sweeper Alfons, who likes everything to be nice and tidy and the highly undisciplined vagabond Antoinette, who lives in the midst of rubbish. And yet they become close friends.
de moelie
20 Sep
03.00 PM