Dutch - Language immersion

Dutch language immersion

For anyone learning a language it is important to be able to practise it as well. Children whose mother tongue is not Dutch can use it during the school holidays in the different ‘de Rand’ community centres, where entertaining and instructive Dutch learning opportunities are provided. The varied programme of activities allows the children to immerse themselves in the Dutch language for a whole week. The monitors encourage the children to speak Dutch while they play, even though the idea is not to offer language lessons.



for children 4 – 9 years - Dutch language immersion

08 Apr until 12 Apr
We travel around the world. But how? By train, by airplane or in a boat? We start from Europe to go to Africa, America, Asia… We travel along the sea and through the mountains. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is very hot. This will be a journey to remember!
de lijsterbes
08 Apr

Dutch language immersion - Babbelkous

The school holidays are the ideal moment for children to participate in enjoyable activities, so that is the period when Panta Rhei and vzw ´de Rand´ organize creative and instructive language apprenticeships for all children from 4 to 12 years of age for whom Dutch is not their native language.
de kam
19 Aug
09.00 AM