Dutch - Language workshops

Dutch-language workshops

learning dutch through play

If children learn Dutch it is important to practice in their free time. There are plenty of opportunities for this not only during the school holidays but also during the school year. During these Wednesday afternoon or Saturday workshops, children can play games, make things, sing, listen to stories,…and learn new words while having fun. The monitor is there to encourage the children to speak Dutch. However, these are not supposed to be language courses. Spread over a few weeks, the workshop sessions culminate with an opportunity for the children to show what they have learned and made.



Learning Dutch through play - Practising Dutch

A reader tell a story in simple Dutch. Listening to a story is great and it allows you to fantasise and dream about the story and the characters. Today we have a special guest. Lennaert Maes tells stories about Santa Claus and joins us in singing the most enjoyable songs about this legendary figu
de muse
28 Nov
02.00 PM

HorizonTAAL - Children’s workshops Dutch - 4 to 9 years

09 Jan until 27 Feb
It is important for children whose mother tongue is not Dutch to be able to practice this language during their spare time. Thanks to De Horizon, children can spend eight weeks playing games based on a theme in Dutch. The children learn new words every week related to this theme, with the help of st
de moelie
09 Jan