Region - Other media focused on the Flemish Rand

For those anxious to have up-to-the-minute information about what is happening in their area, these media are targeted on your neighbourhood.

Information in Dutch

    • Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant: local VRT (Flemish Radio and Television broadcaster)channel
    • Ring-tv: regional TV station for the Halle-Vilvoorde region, subtitles
    • ROB-tv: regional TV station for the East-Brabant region (including Tervuren)

Ring-tv and ROB-tv broadcast Over de Rand, a weekly news programme about what is going on in the Flemish Rand :

                Over de Rand, Ring-tv, every Wednesday at 6.30 pm
                Over de Rand, ROB-tv, every Thursday at 6.30 pm

News in english for non-Dutch speakers

  • Flanders Today: a free weekly newsletter in English containing current events, culture, the economy and politics in Flanders
  • Flanders News:  news websites for people of non-Flemish origin from the public braodcast VRT:
  • Fans of Flanders: an English spoken TV programm with news, human interest, culture,...