Dutch - Oefen hier je Nederlands

Oefen hier je Nederlands provides addresses near your home where you can practice your Dutch. Thanks to the help on offer here you will be able to feel comfortable using Dutch in various places: at the baker's, the chemist shop, the local café etc. 

Babycafé - Babymassage

A baby massage is a wonderful experience to enjoy with your baby. You are gradually introduced to techniques to help you learn more about your child.
de bosuil
03 Dec
10.30 AM

Erhan Demirci, Han Coucke & Latif Ait - De leeuwen van Vlaanderen

Erhan, Han & Latif set out to discover the origins of our Flemish culture. And what better way to do this than by reconstructing the story about the stories of that Flemish culture, 'The Lion of Flanders' by Hendrik Conscience?
de zandloper
17 Mar
08.00 PM