Dutch - Practise your Dutch during your leisure time

When you are learning a new language, it is important that you also practise a lot. Would you like to practise your Dutch? Let us inspire you:

FOR ADULTS Tips voor volwassenen


FOR/WITH CHILDREN Tips voor volwassenen

  • When you are in the house or in the car, why not put on the radio or play a CD with Dutch music? Many libraries offer CDs with children's songs in Dutch. Specially designed for children learning Dutch, the ReisRus CD includes a booklet with games and exercises to go with the songs.
  • Watch TV programmes with your children. The Ketnet and VTMkzoom channels are worthwhile, as they feature informative, light-hearted programmes using simple Dutch. Tune on to Ketnet's Karrewiet, a daily news programme for children.
  • Enrol your children in a language immersion programme or a language course or workshop. Ask for information at the arts or community centre, at the municipal office or ask a teacher at school.
  • Get your child to join a Dutch-speaking sports club or association. Pay a visit to your municipality's website for further details. You may also seek information from your municipality's sports, cultural or youth services. The sports dictionary Mijn kind wil sporten will help you to find a suitable sports club. The football dictionary features words and illustrations related to football.
  • Go and see a family show or a film in Dutch at the arts centre or community centre. The programme is generally shown in a brochure or a newssheet issued by the municipality. You may also visit to look for an activity.
  • Read Dutch-language books with your child. If you do not have any at home, head for the library, where you can also find entertaining games and a Taalpunt (Language Point). If youdo not speak really good Dutch yourself, read out loud in your mother tongue. It is important for the development of your child's language skills.
  • You can also practice Dutch with your child when you go to the bakery or the butcher’s, for example. Before you set off, prepare a shopping list in Dutch. Older children who can already speak a bit of Dutch, may ask for a loaf of bread at the bakery. The pictogram book N°1 has words and illustrations to help you compile your shopping list.



Are you looking for more activities to practise your Dutch?

Ezelsoor - Free book covering day

Come along with your (grand) parents to have your books and notebooks covered for free. Each child is issued with five sheets of paper to cover about 12 books or notebooks. This year you can only participate if you register in advance.
Je begrijpt of spreekt nog niet veel Nederlands.Je begrijpt al een beetje Nederlands maar je spreekt het nog niet zo goed.Je begrijpt vrij veel Nederlands en kan ook iets vertellen.Je begrijpt veel Nederlands en spreekt het goed.
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02 Sep
12.00 PM