Meet - Babycafé

Calling all young mothers keen on meeting other young mothers in their neighbourhood.

If you fancy catching upon the news a bit, swapping tips and ideas, enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the company of like-minded people without having to look after you children, the Bosuil Babycafé is the perfect spot for you and your child or children.

Do not worry if cannot speak Dutch, this is a pleasant and relaxing way of learning a few Dutch words with other mothers. Your hostess will be sure to be put your at your ease and help you to speak Dutch.

We regularly combine Babycafé with other activities, such as decorating Easter eggs, becoming acquainted with music, gym classes for toddlers, first aid tips …

Babycafe - Bewegen met je kind

Every day your baby learns new things and every movement is important in that learning process. Some mothers could also benefit from a bit more exercise, but never manage to get around to it.
de bosuil
28 May
10.00 AM

Babycafe - Muzieksessie: Altijd en overal muziek

The On Off Stage team makes music with everything and everyone. Join your baby in experimenting with how to make music from sounds. Understand your toddler through the language of music and discover your child's inner Mozart. Sing, dance, play ... everything is possible! As long as there is music.
de bosuil
04 Jun
09.00 AM

Babycafe - Eerste stapjes Nederlands

Fancy taking your first steps in Dutch? If you already speak (a bit of) Dutch and would like to have a great time babbling and chatting with other mums, you are welcome to join our Dutch-language table and enjoy a varied menu together with our monitor Catharina.
de bosuil
11 Jun
10.30 AM

Babycafé - Information session about 'Insect bites'

Insects abound in spring and summer. How do you protect your child from insects? Which insects are dangerous? What do you do when your child is bitten? You will be offered a wide variety of information and tips about this subject.
de boesdaalhoeve
14 Jun
10.00 AM

Babycafé - feest

We are inviting parents, grandparents and children to close the year 2017 in the Babycafé. A fun-filled atmosphere is guaranteed. You are welcome to bring along some snacks. We will put together a buffet for people to be able to taste all kinds of delicacies.
de zandloper
20 Jun
09.00 AM