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practising Dutch in your leisure time


Have fun practising Dutch in your leisure time! We have lots of activities for you to choose from, such as cooking or making things, participating in sports activities or just having a chat. Or would you like to learn something new?

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Calendar with monthly activities to practise your Dutch (in Dutch):

Vlaamse Rand - noord

Vlaamse Rand - zuid-oost

Vlaamse Rand - zuid-west

Copyright pictures: David Legrève

AkroPercu - A happy rhythm comedy

AkroPercu are Belgian musicians/comedians. They cannot do without percussion and cannot abide stereotypical approaches to their percussive work.
de kam
22 Jan
08.00 PM

An Pierlé - Quartet

The An Pierlé Quartet presents an experimental mix of jazz, pop, cabaret and improvisation.
de lijsterbes
23 Jan
08.00 PM

Anna's steen - Streep (3+)

'STREEP!' is all about absurd situations in and around the house. Strange figures ring at the door. An innovative production with few words and bags of music.
de bosuil
07 Feb
11.00 AM