Culture - Classical

Systrar (Academie Orfeus) - #1 Time travel (aperitiefconcert)

Pascale Rubens (diatonic accordion) and Véronique Rubens (piano): 2 musical sisters, 2 wonderful journeys. Pascale and Véronique Rubens perform together as SYSTRAR, which is Swedish for 'sisters'.
de boesdaalhoeve
12 Jan
11.00 AM

Duo Eolienne - Aperitiefconcert

Kurt Bertels (sax) and Daphne Vandemeulebroucke (harp) are exploring new musical paths by injecting new life into compositions in unexpected ways. A programme filled with the round, warm tones of a saxophone and the soft, sparkling sounds of a harp.
de zandloper
01 Mar
11.00 AM

Philippe Raskin - Philippe Raskin & Friends

Philippe Raskin, a former Queen Elisabeth Competition semi-finalist and a resident of Kraainem, is once again playing a home game. He and his musician friends will plunge you into the wonderful world of classical music.
de lijsterbes
25 Apr
08.00 PM