Dutch - Memory game

Play and practise Dutch with children

Learning Dutch is not something you do only at school. You can also learn the language at home and practice while enjoying entertaining games. If you have children, why not play a game with them. Here you'll find some memory card files for downloading, printing, cutting out and playing memory at home. Each card shows a picture and the word in Dutch. Say what you see on the cards. Older children can read the word. This is how you practice Dutch together with your child!


Memory card files for downloading, printing, cutting out and playing

Memory - colors

Memory - numbers

Memory 1 - Memory 2 - Memory 3 - Memory 4 - Memory 5

NEW !!! Memory - Football

Ezelsoor 2021 - Free book covering day

Come along with your (grand) parents to have your books and notebooks covered for free. Each child is issued with five sheets of paper to cover about 12 books or notebooks. This year you can only participate if you register in advance.
Je begrijpt of spreekt nog niet veel Nederlands.Je begrijpt al een beetje Nederlands maar je spreekt het nog niet zo goed.Je begrijpt vrij veel Nederlands en kan ook iets vertellen.Je begrijpt veel Nederlands en spreekt het goed.
de kam
03 Sep
03.30 PM

Music - Kleuterclub Drogenbos

22 Sep until 27 Oct
A toddler's club is due to be held every Wednesday afternoon at the Muse community centre. The series of activities are designed for children attending the 1st and 2nd year of pre-school education
de muse
22 Sep